IRS Account Tracking & Audit Detection

Don’t let the IRS freak you out – let us monitor your IRS account.

The IRS is hiring 80,000+ employees. Audits and Collections will ramp up effective 2023 and beyond. Hire us instead to:

  • Detect IRS Audits & Exams months in advance in most cases allowing the mitigation of penalties & interest.
  • Detect liens & levies by the IRS on your account.
  • Identify First Time Abatement opportunities back to 2001 which can result in additional refunds or offset of taxes owed.
  • Annual review of the current and previous three years of taxes for refund opportunities.
  • Audit risk assessment for the current tax return.
  • Annual income verification.
  • Track IRS payments including estimated payments.
  • Provide a comprehensive Tax Analysis Report once a year.